Pest Control Chennai

Why Pesteyes ?

PestEye’s Pest Control Chennai  was founded  in 2000, since then, we’ve transformed from a start-up to a team of 50+ and have set the benchmark for Pest Control chennai and all over Deccan Plateau

We are one among the other organization, who are service oriented. We are one of the the Best Pest Control services in chennai and we care for environment and surrounding too



Pest Control Chennai

Why Pesteyes?

PestEye’s Pest Control Chennai  was founded  in 2000, since then, we’ve transformed from a start-up to a team of 50+ and have set the benchmark for Pest Control chennai and all over Deccan Plateau.

We are one among the other organization, who are service oriented. We are one of the the Best Pest Control services in chennai and we care for environment and surrounding too

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Sri RamaKrishna Villa, Plot No: 39 39, Sankaradasar Street, Kuberan Nagar Extension, Ramalinga Nagar, Anna Theresa Nagar, Madipakkam, Chennai 600091

Contact Person : G. Muralidar, Microbiologist

Ph: 9884186222

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Years Experienced

Started 18 Year aga, our ultimate goal is to re innovate the concept of Pest Control, Termite Control.


Industrial Service

We have done lot of Process innovation in Industrial Sector, Government Sector, Hospitals, Colleges, Shopping malls & Public Parks.


Residential Service

Pest Eyes works very lucrative in Residential Apartments, Flats, Shops, Individual Villa and House.


Satisfied Customers

Our Customer retention percentage is more than industry standards, we achieved 1000+ customers milestone recently.

Why Us ?

Pesteyes, Create Benchmark.

Pest Eyes Implement

Next Gen Technology to

Eradicate Pest

Our founder  G. Muralidar, MicroBiologist have achieved greater heights by empowering Technicians to Enerpreneur level.  He Founded PestEyes to save the Environment by adopting  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.Chemicals used by us are Eco-Friendly and fall under approved Pesticides List. 

Fastest Service

Fastest Pest Control process than industry standards.

Eco Friendly

Choose an Eco Friendly technique to save environmental Problems

Knowledge Transfer

We transfer knowledge to customers for pest free society.

Indepth Process

We go deep into your car interiors to Kill Microbes & organism.

Knowledge Transfer for Pest Control

Step by Step Guide

Table of Content


Pest Control Chennai

Completely for Agriculture, Ant Pest Control, Bed Bug, Flies, Rat or Rodent, Lizard, Cockroaches, these are basic pest problem we encounter in our surroundings. PestEyes Strategies are very powerful to deter them.


Indoor Pest Control

We commonly encounter Indoor pest at our home, office, and warehouses. You will learn lucrative ideas about indoor pest and how to prevent them in future. We have worked with hundreds of clients from Residential to Industry.


Outdoor Pest Control

The Most Difficult Process is Outdoor than Indoor. Because, sometimes you will not get expected result. Due to Bad Environment. Clearing Unwanted Pest in your yard, Park, Garden, Stadium & Playground.  


Methods & Procedure to Control them

Technology and Process innovation are merged with on another. When ever humanity is in danger, technology and proper process saved us from problems. We Implement Integrated Pest Management, BPCM, IPM, PMM, FPM to naturally clear Uninvited species. 


What Type of Pesticides or Chemicals

These Chemicals are majorly classified based on the species or organisms. If you want to kill Insect its call as insecticide and if you need to kill pest, we use pesticide. Sometimes even herbal chemicals are also used to kill them


Products & Equipments used in Pest Control

From the past decades we have been using advanced equipments to exterminate insects, flies, moths, lizards, rodent etc., Our list of products range from sonic and ultra sonic insect reduce equipments. We are really overwhelmed to introduce these innovative equipments to our market.


How a Professional Exterminator Control Pest & Insects

We totally rely on the process, our elite experts always try to deliver great end results to our customers. inspecting the building & surrounding, using baits, measuring the dimension for required treatment. And we also concentrate on future prevention.


Medicines to Treat your Pest Problems

At pesteyes, we encourage our customers to use home remedy for mild insects bites like mosquito, bed bugs etc., if poisonous insect bites you please consult a doctor. some of the home remedies are oatmeal, ice cubes

Pest Control Services in Chennai


Pest Eyes is the Leading pest control organization in chennai, we strongly believe in knowledge transfer. Our Primary motto is to create awareness based services to our clients. 

Think about this for a moment ?

Safeguarding people from harmful insects & organisms is very important.

As a Exterminator, we focus on one time service and that is our prominent goal. We don’t want you to get affected by these pest again in your life. 

Yes it’s True ?

An Expert Exterminators ultimate goal, not only to terminate these species. They must knowledge transfer about the prevention to their clients.

What Makes this page Very Special ?

A Perfect Guidance from a professional pest control team, which will help you on How to Prevent and avoid Pest, few Do it yourself techniques for you to live an healthy and happy life with your family and some Powerful Knowledge about Methods & Procedures.

But that’s not all…

Finally you will learn about Medicines which will treat your Pest Problems



Agricultural Pest Control

# Save Farming For Better Living !

At Pest Eyes, we provide a lucrative services to farmers to kill crop insects, we are experts in pest abatement strategies by using biological insect control.

Technically we are good at creating exclusive process to protect farming and other Agri – based businesses. 

Why Using Environmental Friendly Pesticides are Great

Before we go any further…

We must understand agriculture is the foundation of cultured society. Making it sick will make us sick too.

Lets not Forget ! We all are aware that heavy usage of chemicals on agri based lands will make that particular to be non use in future. So usage of Pesticides more than the norms or industry standards will make the crop die or diseased

Achieving Sustainable Process Innovation in Crop Protection

Our founder microbiologist, know the nuances of handling these Agricultural insect through varies methods. We have been advising farmers for more than a decade.

And we are continuously innovating the process, so that the farmers can live an happy life without damaging their crop and soil.

This Requires Department Agriculture Insect Extermination License.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Key Factor

The Key to Solve Pest Problem is the Process, department of agriculture structure provide proper training to farmers to attain better results. 

In a Simple Explanation ….

Integrated Pest Management involves in Monitoring and advocating the problems with various techniques.

We will go deep About IPM in the following context.


Ant Pest Control Chennai

# Prevent them before they Invade !

Unfortunately, there are around 12000 ant species on this planet earth, and some ants species are deadly dangerous.

Yes it’s true ?

They may be huge in Numbers but only few ant species can invade your house and commercial property.

How can you beat that ?

Let’s Get into Some Do it Yourself Technique.

1. Using Adhesive Tape on Corners

Adhesive Tapes are Immediate problem solver, we all own it at our home. Never use cheap tapes for ant control at home. 

Ant usually march towards the kitchen in search of foods. Find the path, where they are originating from. Use the adhesive tape tightly. This is one of the effective and fast way to control ant parade.

Boric Acid and Chalk

This is the point where use of chemicals takes place in the process.

Don’t Worry !

They won’t hurt you. But keep away for the kids.  Just Sprinkle little bit of boric acid on the cracks and creaves. This will do the magic for ant prevention. After the ants are dead you can remove it easily.

Next method is very easy and safe. Draw a line with chalk on entry points. 

It’s that simple… Calcium carbonate act as a great repellent for ant extermination.

LSI Keywords very important

Write about the LSI Keyword, about 3 to 4 lines

Brand name with single keyword Ex - PestEyes, Quick Pest Control Please Share

Lets go with Organic Methods

If your are Afraid that Pesticides will harm you and your family.

Lets Jump right in to Organic Methods likes Flour, Lemon and oranges.

Just Sprinkle a Flour on Shelves, Crack or entry points wherever it may be. Ant will be repelled by flour.

Don’t spend hundreds of rupees for ant traps. Lemon and oranges is one of the greatest repellent for fire ants. Sprinkle the lemon or orange on entry point. At the same time slice a lemon and place it on the path where they parade.

Best Get Started with it…

Now you became as a Ant Exterminator too…


Bed Bug Pest Control Chennai

# Save your Family & Live Healthy

Are you Sick and Tired of Bed Bug Bites ?

Yes, we all suffered with bed bug problems. Before going further, we have to know about the bed bug poison. They are blood sucking species.  They cause dangerous transmitted disease. And common problems you get during their bites is skin disease. 

You have to Get Rid of Bed Bugs for your good and healthy life. There are lots of Procedure and Methods to remove bed bugs, we also provide remedies in PestEyes Pest Control chennai for our people.

Ever Noticed how a bed bug looks like !

They look like a small, oval shaped insects and reddish brown in color. Their height will not cross in between 1 to 7 millimeters.

How Does a Bed Bug Bites Will Look Like (Symptoms)

And you know what ?

Finding the symptoms is easy, but most of the people will never realize that they are bitten by bed bugs.Bites can happen in any parts on your body like face, arms, leg and hands.

  • A single bite can make the area swollen and sometimes make it dark red at the center.
  • They bite in a line and some times in a group. Its up to you to see whether the bites are lined or oval. We run awareness programs on home pest control chennai, so that we are pretty sure that they gained knowledge transfer from us.
  • Blisters or Hives at the bites surrounding.

We Provide Immediate Pest Control Services in Chennai. As a bed bug exterminator, we have to detect the bed bugs and their eggs or larvae and clean them with lucrative elimination process.

Bed Bugs Elimination Techniques with Chemicals

Can you Get Rid of Bed bugs on your own ?

Yes you can, if you see less in numbers

So Stick with me here…

Bedbugs  loves to live in warm places, that’s the reason you see them in beds, mattress, cloths and pillows. Bed Bugs Identification is the crucial and first part.

Bed Bug Removal at home will be easy when you see a limited numbers. If you see so, don’t grab a Killer spray, repellent or control products like heater to eliminated them. Initially you have to use fumigation methods that works without chemicals, just Vacuum them initially as a extermination methods. If nothing happens, just call leading pest control company in chennai because using pesticides without a specialist advice will create hazard for your surrounding 

How to Treat Bed Bugs at home

Wouldn’t be Great if you about Bed Bugs Treatments.

Lets Get Started…

  • First and Foremost things to do is to clean the beds, curtains, pillow, cloths, luggage with hot water or light Washing Chemicals.
  • Clean the Mattress with tough bristle brush and then do a complete vacuum.
  • If you are looking for budget pest control chennai, personally we would recommend you to do certain stuff on your own, so at the most try to vacuum every parts of your bed or mattress regularly to reduce price.
  • Most Importantly you have to prevent these insects to reenter. So Close you mattress, beds other goods with zipped cover.
  • If you eliminated bed bugs with a help of a pest control company in Chennai, be sure to seal the cracks, with plaster or a glue.

Advantage of

Heading 4 with Tag h4

Easy & Fast

five lines with keywords integration

Indepth Clean

five lines with keywords integration

Pesticides for Bed Bug Infestation

There are more than 350 + products available to provide you effective bed bug treatment. These products come from the basic of Seven Chemicals.

Lets Check it out…

  • pyrethrins,
  • pyrethroids
  • desiccants,
  • biochemicals,
  • pyrroles, 
  • neonicotinoids, and
  • insect growth regulators   (Source)


# Why, Where, How, taglines

A Small Paragraph about three to four lives

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Flies Pest Control Chennai

# Removing Flies at home

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most annoyed insect in the world are flies. Undoubtedly its clear, even in a survey conducted by American Regulatory Pest Control thesis said 80% of human voted flies are the most disturbing insect than other species.  

Believe it or not it’s a true fact….

One of the major problem with flies are, they can transmit disease quickly. Our Pest control chennai experts continuously trying to innovated new strategy to eliminated these insects.

Best Fly Control tactics for home, offices and warehouse

Fly deterrent is a common product used all over the world to kill or eliminate flies and sometimes whacking it with fly swatter. Do you really think that these tactics will remove flies from your house and warehouse. 

Definitely No !

And you will be in never ending battle…..

In fact they give you short term result, then what to do next. You have to prevent them or put barriers to enter. Creating a barrier is not a easy task, you need lot of efforts. We are a certified Company who deals with Pest Control services in chennai at cheap price.

Sounds Good Right Prevent Flies rather than exterminating it

Instead of using Fly poison and spray, prevent it with an  environmental friendly pest control Chennai.


# Why, Where, How, taglines

A Small Paragraph about three to four lives

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Get Rid of House Flies

Do you want to know how to get rid of house flies ?

Then, you came to a right place, our Domestic pest control Chennai exterminators are not only the best fly killer on the market. We will provide you a remedies for flies Prevention too.

If You have excessive amount of flies in house, then you have three step process.

  • Find Them.
  • Kill Them.
  • Prevent Them

Wouldn’t be great if you look your house the way how these insect do.

If Yes, then you are in a right track.

Here i’m going to share some way to deal with flies ideas.

Caution Note: Never use Chemical Spray for Flies without trying these solutions.

Eliminate the Initial source (Food)

We have all done it !  Leaving dirty dishes inside the sink and sometimes on the dining table, you gave the easiest way to enter. So, the first (fly removal technique, ie Prevent them) is clean these dishes thoroughly. 

Watch your Pets (Only for Pet Owners)

Have you ever wondered, why excessive flies in backyard.

Here is your answer, Dog pile. These insects will lay eggs on dogs pile because these eggs will get hatched within 24 hours.

The Simple Truth is, single fly can breed or lay 75 to 150 eggs at a time.

Unfortunately, you are welcoming another 150 of them to enter into your border.

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes is very important to safe your pets from harmful transmit of disease.

Find the Loophole, Identify the Entrance

Before we go into the removal phase. You have to close the insects entrance. Because complete elimination is not possible without prevention.

Its really common, that insect come in when we open and close the door. This is unavoidable, but there are few entrances where we aren’t aware of, cracked windows, ventilators, unPatched walls corner etc., 

Don’t worry. There is a solution for Flies entrance !

Its gonna take few hours of your efforts to avoid these fly to enter from outside.

Take a adhesive tape or a plaster glue and close these places completely. We have standard pest control chennai solution, so join with us

Create a Trap or Bait

Never misjudge about insect trap or bait…

Trust me. It’ll all be worth it. You can create a trap through this link.

You have to feed them when you create a trap or bait. Usually larvae will get feed on rotten meat and some adult flies feed on decomposed fruits and other stuff. This is one of the best fly killer for yard or catching them.

After 48 to 64 hours just watch the trap, if its disgusting please clean the product and reinstall it again. You can use this trap for Barn, Bees, Housefly, Fruitfly and wasp.

Let me add up one more item to this, Its FlyPaper.

You can find this item in online stores.

Now its your turn…

We have one more Item, Which is Completely comes under Herbal Pest Control Chennai, which is Plants that kill them. For instance, you can plant lavender, mint, lemongrass and basil. 


You can use Do It Yourself Repellent, Deterrant or spray

Best Get started with it…

Do you own spray with the help of essential like like basil, lavender, lemongrass and mint. Mix it Great and then finally use it as spray to kill insects.

Get Offer From PestEyes

Get Rid of of White ants, fire ants, Blood Bugs,  Crane Flies, Wasps, Bees through Professional Pest Control Chennai

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