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PestEye’s Pest Control Chennai  was founded  in 2000, since then, we’ve transformed from a start-up to a team of 50+ and have set the benchmark for Pest Control chennai and all over Deccan Plateau.

We are one among the other organization, who are service oriented. We are one of the the Best Pest Control services in chennai and we care for environment and surrounding too.


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At PestEyes we work 24/7 to eradicate these insects from your Home, Office and Industrial Sectors too. We are one of leading Pest Control Chennai Organization. PestEyes always dream about a eco friendly Environment

We use Organic herbicides which is Approved by India

Our Pest Control Chennai Process is faster than Industry

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Our founder  G. Muralidar, MicroBiologist have achieved greater heights by empowering Technicians to Enerpreneur level.  He Founded PestEyes to save the Environment by adopting  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.Chemicals used by us are Eco-Friendly and fall under approved Pesticides List. We have Catered our Services to more than 1000 Clients across all Verticals.

Our Primary Motive is to  Control New Diseases. 90% of time we control these insects with Organic Pesticides. When the process exceed out of control, we switch over to chemicals. After, long years of travel. We have Completed thousands of pest control projects. Every customers with us retaining continuously.

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Complete Safe Environment without Harmfull Insects

Usage of Organic herbicides to avoid Environment Pollution.

Regular Maintenance and Proper Guidance to Customers

Knowledge Transfer to Customers to Save Money

We Handle Even Poisonous Insects to Save You

Clean Process, No Wastage at your Place

Eradicate Pest
Leading Pest Control Chennai

We Work Hard to Bring Your Surroundings Clean

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Eagle View Strategy to find out flies, moths etc. We are continuously updating technology in recent years to eradicate the Insects completely.

Environment Friendly Organic chemicals are used in bug control. So working with us will be a great pleasure for nature and say no to Chemicals. 

We have a Strong Belief, Killing the microbes with natural pesticides. you will not indulge in any problems Side Effect after our Process.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean,  Eradicate Poisonous organisms, Microbes, Insects, etc.  Join Your Hands with PestEyes !

We are one among the other organization, who are service oriented. We are the Best Pest Control Chennai company and we care for environment and surrounding too.

Pest Control Chennai

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Best Pest Control Services in Chennai

Its a kind of organisms which we don’t want in our house or office. Some of the common insects which come to mind are Ants, cockroaches, beetles, moths, bugs, rodents, Mosquito. These are the organisms which are very disgusting and harmful to us. Some blood-sucking irritants are very poisonous which can even kill humans. These Blood Sucking Insects Causes Diseases like Malaria, Dengue.

We always dream about an eco-friendly Environment. Our Primary Mission and vision is to rid off insects completely and save Family and Children. A Clean Environment will make the people healthy. When People becomes healthy they achieve wealth consecutively. This kind of lucrative and healthy environment will develop the nation globally.

Health Issues That Can Be Caused Due To Pest !

rodent control services in chennai
  • Center of disease control and prevention has stated that the common allergy and asthma are caused by pollen, molds, pet dander and most common household pests like cockroaches.
  • It has been found that life-threatening allergies or even serious issues can be caused by some stinging insects. Even after the death, cockroaches have proteins in their waste, saliva and some of their body parts which can cause allergy to many people and cause serious reactions.
  • The most symptoms of cockroach allergies are running nose, cough, itchy, red eyes, skin rash and sneezing. Children who are exposed to cockroaches suffer asthma more often than the normal children.
  • The most common issues are difficulty in breathing, shortness in the breath because of coughing, chest tightness, etc.,
  • Other common pests which could cause illness are mosquitoes, tick and flea bites. Tropical regions like India are more prone to diseases caused by mosquitoes because of the warm and humid climate. 
  • Affordable mosquito control services are provided by us. We use long-lasting sprays to kill the mosquito as well as to keep them away in your house and near your location, thereby helping in keeping your loved ones safe from these insects.
  • Mosquito bites could lead to Malaria, Dengue fever, chikungunya which could cause even death if not treated in the early stages. The most common symptom is high fever, joint pain, and muscle contractions. These three diseases are very common in Tamil Nadu and necessary precautions need to be taken by you to avoid this situation.
  • Ticks are most common pests which can be found in homes with pets as ticks use animals and pets as their host in their lifetime. In their four stages of life, ticks move from one animal to another animal in each stage, resulting in humans being one of them.
  • While changing the host in each stage, they carry bloodborne diseases with them. Lyme is one of the most common diseases caused in dogs because of ticks and can cause severe health issues when exposed them.
  • Bartonella bacteria is the most common disease which can be found in stray cats which can be transmitted to human by fleas. After cockroaches, the common animal found in the home at some point in time is mice which is also a carrier of fleas. Fleas can’t be taken lightly as they consumed millions of lives in the middle age in Europe.
Wet fogging
  • Babesiosis is a common bacterium spread through the ticks carried by dogs which could lead to liver swelling if not treated immediately. The common symptoms are a headache, fever, chilliness, shivering, vomiting, and fatigue.
  • Cockroach dropping getting mixed with food can cause poisoning called Bacillus cereus. It’s always necessary to wash the plates before eating and never leave your food opened.
  • When you get a cat scratch or bite, it is highly necessary to visit a doctor and take necessary medication as it might lead to the transmission of common pests found in cats called fleas which can immediately affect your immune system.
  • Dermatitis is another common disease which can be transmitted to humans by mice bite. The common symptoms are itchiness, inflammation, and skin rash.
  • E. coli is a bacterium which is spread when rodent and mice droppings are mixed with the food making people sick with vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal issues.
  • Tapeworms are highly transmitted to humans through dogs and cats resulting in fever and stomach pain. The issue with a tapeworm is that as soon as they find a warm and suitable host, they start procreating and thereby spreading to various parts of the body.

There are many cases throughout the world where tapeworms even reach the brains resulting in brain damage and ultimately death.

Thermal Fogging

Now, Let's think of how to avoid this from Happening

  • One of the easiest ways to stop food poisoning by pests is to keep your food in tightly sealed containers and packages. Always clean your kitchen floor and counters, don’t leave any crumbs of food anywhere. Always clean the garbage and clean all nooks, corners, and creaks.
  • Most of the pests are attracted to moisture and warmth. So, make sure there aren’t any plumbing issues, leaky pipes, faucets, and sinks. After the end of the day, make sure to keep the pet’s bowl clean, sink dry and faucets tight to avoid dripping.
  • Often check the cardboard cabinets for pest infestation, regularly vacuum and mop the kitchen floor.
  • If there are any cracks in the walls, floors, and cabinets, close it immediately.
  • Check for holes and cracks near doors, windows, pipes and other entry points where pests could come inside the house

cockroach control chennai

Medications for Cockroach Allergy !

  • Even though we try to keep our exposure to cockroaches as minimum as possible, sometimes allergy and asthma due to cockroaches are inevitable. In that cases, knowing the medicines which can be used to reduce the symptoms is always handy but it is highly recommended not to use these medications unless prescribed by doctors.
  • Nasal corticosteroids are the most commonly used medicine for allergies as they reduce almost all symptoms of nose swelling and nasal congestion. It is widely sold in the form of nose sprays.
  • Antihistamines are mainly used to reduce sneezing, nose itching, runny nose, and eye irritation.
  • Cromolyn sodium can be used to reduce the allergic reactions of nasal stuffiness and histamine.

coackrach allergy remedy

How do stinging insects affect us?

  • Bees, wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets are the most common stinging insects which can be seen in your environment.
  • More than 5 lakh people are stung by these insects in our country every year and it could turn deadly if the person has allergies too.
  • Stinging can cause heavy pain and then swelling of that region is highly inevitable. There have been cases around the world of people getting stuck with bees-hive resulting in continuous attacks by the bees resulting in the person’s death. Thus, stinging by these insects shouldn’t be taken very lightly.
  • If you are aware of stinging insects near your neighbourhood, it is important to protect yourself from such insects.
  • Your choice of clothing: you can avoid floral designed clothes as insects will view it as flowers and might attack you. Try light coloured cloths.
  • Avoid perfumes, colognes, shampoos which have natural or floral scent in it while going to a walk in the park. It might attract the stingers during your walk.
  • Wasps are mostly attracted to food. So, try to dispose of the food rather than leaving it on your patio during your outdoor picnic.
  • If by chance, a stinging insect is surrounding you, don’t panic and cause too many hand gestures like vigorously moving your hands to swat the insect. It will make the insect attack fast, so try to be calm and vacate the area.
  • If you are in a picnic in the park, then don’t eat anything which gives out the too much good smell, try to keep the food in tight containers, don’t leave the food opened for the wasp to feed on.
  • Don’t light any scented candles when you are outdoors and many stinging insects are attracted to sweet smell and taste.
  • If you happen to see a wasp nest or beehive, let me be. Do not try to shake it or throw anything at it. It will more likely anger the insects making them attack you.

Dead Rat trapped in the electrical cable

  • If you happen to see a single bee or wasp, do not try to crush or kill it. Leave it as it is because the smell of the squashed insect attracts other insects in that vicinity leading to chaos.

Until now we have looked into pests and stinging insects. But there are other species which are very common in many households and industries. Let’s discuss those species now.

  • Few of the common types of rodents which can be found in our homes are house mouse, rats, and moles. These rodents generally use their teeth to chew the walls or floor to get to your homes, then start breeding and infesting very fast.
  • These are small, flexible, can climb walls, pipes, cables, squeeze themselves through small holes, so they are very difficult to be found and captured by humans. These have an immense sense of smell, hearing and touching.
  • They can efficiently move around in darkness with just their sense of smelling alone since they generally have poor eyesight. That’s the reason why they don’t roam around during daytime and prefer night and darkness.
  • Mice are the main reason why millions of people died of the plague in Europe during middle age. So, it is inevitable to capture these rodents before they poison your food, scratch or bite you ultimately leading to death.
  • First, we should be able to investigate and find how many rodents are in the infested area, do a thorough survey of the infested region to find the damage it has caused. Then we should differentiate which type of rodent is causing the infestation.
  • Many pest control services simply lay traps in a few places without finding the type of rodent, the size of it and how many are roaming around there. But doing it without knowing these facts can often result in the rodents coming back and causing issues.
  • The most common places it resides in are restaurants, kitchen, food stores and factories for food processing.
  • These places can have certain weak points through which rodents can enter and in investigate food.
  • Damaged, ill-fitted doors are the simplest entry point for rodents. If there are some gaps in the door, then they can be fitted with metal strips through which rodent can gnaw or bite.
  • The harder the material is, the harder it will be for rodents to chew their way through it. Wooden doors are very easy for rodents to chew, so covering it with a layer of metal stripes can help this condition.
  • In many factories, during the business hours, the doors are left open for many hours giving the opportunity for the rodents to easily get inside the factories.

Snake hidden inside a hollow block

  • Windows are another reason for getting in. In factories or low-rated restaurants, the windows might be bad fitting, window frames might be in the process of decay which all leads to the rodents to easily bite and chew the wood frames and getting in.
  • The most common way for the rodents to get inside buildings is through vents. Every buildings’ sewage vent leads to the main drainage where the most population of rodents reside. They can simply use the pipes to climb through and enter the building without any suspension. Air vents are also very useful for the rodents to move around without anyone noticing.
  • Attics, roofs, and basements are the easy place for the rodents to live as they are dark, damp just like a rodent prefer. From the basement, they can travel to almost all the rooms and places in the building through cables, wires, vents, and pipes. So, the basement can be considered as a central place of a building for mice and rats.

We have learned where to look for rodents in the buildings. Now, how do you confirm whether rats, mice are present in those locations? There are few symptoms for the presence of rodents.

Thermal Fogging chemical

  • Rodents generally have oily fur as they roam around pipes and holes and getting grime and oil smeared on their fur. If you find dirty stains of oil marks, then it is possible it is because of rodents.
  • Noises are the dead giveaway of the presence of rodents. Squeaking, scratching, scrambling sounds are all made by rats and mice.
  • If there are mice and rats in your house, then you can easily find a large number of their droppings in the corners or unsuspected areas of the building.
  • Rodents urine gives the unpleasant smell of ammonia which can be smelt even a few meters away from the location. Since rats and mice urinate more often, it is highly unlikely for you to not notice it.
  • Places such as attics, basement with minimal light are where rats and mice create their nests. If you find a nest like this, remove it immediately and call for pest control as rats are likely to procreate within few days and you have to deal with a litter of its offspring rather than one or two rats.

Let’s find out – How Pesteyes will Help you to rid of Rodent, Mosquito, Bugs.

pesticides chennai

Eradicating Home Pest:

It’s always a trouble for family and neighbors. If you want to rid to home , first you have to identify the Area. We always believe is Knowledge Transfer. We will transfer our knowledge to you and you can eradicate them without any hazardous. FPA is the place where they are originated.

Before going into Action, you have to clean the area thoroughly, where they should not pop up again in future.

Finding the Pest :

We all know Prevention is always better than cure. So Before Finding the Pest, we have to make sure about where these insects or bugs are originated. We have to clean the carpets,  Food Storage Room and vacuuming the the Possibility areas. Depending upon organism we have to choose them. Always be sure that you should use, Eco Friendly Pesticides. Which will safeguard you from harmful nematicide and live a happy family.

Stagnant Water:

Water Stacking is one of the biggest danger causing huge problems to your environment. Most of the Insects and Rodents can survive in this water. On the whole, water stagnant should be removed from your surroundings and inside your house.

  1. Always keep your bathroom clean, if you find any leaking pipes or drainage water. Call a plumber to settle it.
  2. Some people have great desire in gardening but they have little knowledge in maintaining the garden plants.
  3. From the Beginning, we are dealing pest control chennai. Most cases, water stagnant in plants can originate insects like Mosquito, bugs etcs.
  4. Pets water should be cleaned regularly, so that your loved pet and your family will live a healthy life.
Live tremite colony - pesteyes

Food Storage area and Kitchen:

Every living organisms on planet earth is attracted to Food. Like Human, insects gets attracted to Food items. In India, more than 1000 metric tons of foods products are spoiled by Insects. When we consume what left by these insects. Our health get into trouble. We are in Top of the Animal Cycle, so we should have the knowledge to protect it from these insects.

Some of the organisms found in the kitchen area are Flies, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Cockroaches, Eat Crumbs. To Rid Off these Insects we have to Clean it thoroughly. So that, we save the Food Grains as well as we help our family to attain a healthy life.

Some of the Ways, where you can do your own Pest Control in chennai

Spills at home is common, but cleaning the spill is not a big deal. You have to clean the Spills with Hot Water or Soap or Floor Cleaner. Always make you floor dry. This will not allow the Insects to stay in that place.

  1. Keeping your Food Sealed or storing it in Plastic container will help you to keep your food clean and unattractive to the Insects or Rodents.
  2. Take a Precautions steps while Storing long term storage foods like Rice, Wheat, Masala Powders etcs
  3. While cleaning your dishes and cloth, always be sure that the wastage water are drained properly. If not take a required step.
  4. Pets are like kids, they are new to our environment, some pets manage their need and some don’t. Cleaning your pets can help you to come out from Pet Insects, allergies and some low risk diseases.
  5. Clean your Trash Daily, If you have got some more time. Try to keep your Trash dry.

post construction pest control chennai

Don’t Give Hiding Places for Insects:

We all would have seen the TV Commercial. Insects, Mosquitoes are rolling inside the Free Space. Like, under the sink, Refrigerator drained waste water or Pitt hole. We need not to do big stuff to rid off these Insects. A Little Effort Routinely will help you to eradicate these harmful insects.

  1. First Lesson on Pest Control Chennai is Clean your House, Office and Industry regularly. You need not to use advanced tool, just single product like Vacuum Cleaner will do the job. Be Sure to Dispose your Garbage or Dust in Sealed Plastic bag. This will not allow to escape these irritants from that Sealed Bax or container.
  2. Once again, Cleaning your Pets regularly. This will give you two result. First Your pets will be free from Diseases and second one is you don’t get trapped by insects.
  3. Always follow three Step Process : Find the Hidden Place – Clean the Place Thoroughly – Prevent future insect entry. So Vacuuming it regularly will prevent future insect Entry. We believe in Knowledge transfer. Pest control Chennai will guide you step by step to clean microbes from your home.

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Deny the Entry for them

Thief will always have high brilliance than Cops. The Same happens here Insects and Flies take ahead than human beings. They are good in search, so they find every bit of entry from nook and corner.  The Place where it enter are broken sealed windows, doors, cracks in walls etc.,

  1. Usage of Silicone Caulk can help to seal the cracks, windows etc.,
  2. Before sealing the crack and hole. Insert a heating agent to kill the insects and flies.
  3. Instead of Closing the Windows and Doors, try to install the screens on windows, sealing and doors.
  4. Always make sure, that every cracks and holes are sealed properly.

Usage of Eco Friendly Chemicals or Low Toxic:

  1. Try to Use ISO Grade Quality Pesticides for Pest Control Chennai. Pesticides like Boric acids on Cracks and Holes can rid off blood suckers quickly without any harm to Human Beings. These are poisonous to Cockroaches, Insects, ants and flies but it will not be dangerous to Humans and Pets.
  2. For biggest animals like Rats, Mice, Rodents. You can use Baits. Instead of Sprays, Powders, Pellets we can use Baits. This will help you to safeguard Food, Plates and cookery items. Fatty Acids soaps are good to kill insects, fleas and mites.

High Poisonous, use it with purpose:

Usage of High poisonous pesticides will give little bit harm to Human Being too. Usage of this kind on regular basis should be avoided. So, always be sure not use it frequently.

These high poisonous come with categories. Danger, Warning and Caution.

Broad Spectrum will kill flies and selective one will work on few. Just like TV Commercials. Products Like Hit, will be used on Cockroaches. Same Hit brand have pesticides for Mosquitoes. Selective Usage is good on Overall.

Because Selective Pesticides made with Lot of Research to Kill a Particular fly. PestEyes, Pest Control Chennai are very particular in Selective Pesticides to give a proper better.

Danger – Poisonous

Warning – Medium Hazardous

Caution – Low Hazardous.

pre construction pest control services chennai

The Following Points will give you the Nuances of Usage of Pest Control Chennai ?

  1. Utilization of Pesticides in a Proper Way, never use outdoor pesticides indoor. Because Outdoor Chemicals are vulnerable, where the power will be long lasted for many days. So use it with Care
  2. Don’t overuse these chemiclas, use limited resources for long result.
  3. Never dump leftover chemicals in the garbage or down the drain. Check with your public works department about how to dispose of them.
  • Take a Help From Professional Team: This is the place Where  pest control chennai comes to place. We have more than a decade experience in Controlling Termite, Mosquitoes, Rodents, etc., Contact Us

How to Keep your Yard and Garden Away from killing organisms and other Vulnerable Insects ?

Identify them in your Yard or Garden:

Process of identifying the them in the yard or garden or at home is same. We can identify these blood sucking animals through Naked Eye with little bit of common awareness. Just try to find the Junk place in your yard. Like Pit hole, any decoyed item, or any wastage item which are visually view able through our eyes. Once the area is identified, we have to start the other Cleaning Process

Now, it’s time to clean the area:

Origination of insects happens only in Normal places like, Piles of Wood, Tree Clippings, Fallen dry leaves, sometimes fruits. These are all the common places which are attracted to them. Sometimes unusual places like Pets Wastage, Stagnant water which helps to breed mosquitoes. One important finding in Pest Control Chennai is Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant pure water. Never leave a stagnant water in your garden, yard or car parking. In future, that place will become as mosquitoes new home.

The Art of Designing Your Gardening have its unique Purpose

  1. First Thing to take into consideration is “carefully manage the Drainage System, rejecting or eliminating the Unwanted Plants and stop giving place to Insects to breed.
  2. A Raise in Soil Bed will help you to manage the drainage system properly. If it is Clay soil ( which is Great for Plants Growth) Soil bed raise is important.
  3. There are number of techniques in planting your plant. Before Planting we have consider to create a better drainage system for extra water. For This we have add more sand, so that the excess water can be drained by sand. Which helps us to create better drainage system for extra water to avoid pest.

pest control at your yard

Choose the Right Plant – Some Plants are good for Human and Deadly for flies:

  1. The reason garden gets micro organisms is because, mono culture give more happiness to sold insects and some exotic plants gives harm or act vulnerable to pest. You have to be sure about planting of plants.
  2. Healthy seed or International ‘A’ Grade quality seeds will be healthy in nature. So there are no way that insects gonna eat them.
  3. We have to be very certain about the plantation. Instead of totally controlling the pest. You can Divert them from a different angle. Planting Decoy Weed can keep them away from the garden.
  4. If you have tomatoes plants in your garden, try to plant Redroot Pigweed. Because Redroot Pigweed will attract the irritants. So, instead of pest conquering tomatoes, they deviate their attraction to redroot pigweed.

Likewise, Arugula will attract Beetles and which will safeguard potatoes

Low Hazard Biochemical Pesticides

Last but not least, try to use Biochemicals, Pest Control Chennai prominently use biochemical for their customers. So we have been using low hazard biochemical pesticides to protect the human being who are living around. And our mission is eradicate Blood sucking organisms through low hazardous chemicals.

What is Integrated Pest Management ? and How power is the Pest Control Chennai Process.

Before the usage of Chemicals, people like farmers, growers, gardeners used to protect their crops and plants with the help of manual labour. They use Cultural, biological, and mechanical type of cultivation. After 1950’s in India these people started to use chemical pesticides to prevent Diseases.

Later, technical experts Implemented a Process Call Integrated Pest Management during Industrial Revolution. Along with IPM they managed to use many Pest Control Management tools.

These kind of Pest Control chennai tools helped the farmers, gardeners to attain success by controlling Diseases and helped them to main safer environment. Overtime, usage of chemical went out of control.

It polluted the environment and gave hazardous harm to people and surrounding. This is the place where IPM process helped every human being across the planet.  

rodent control in chennai

IPM gives you the reason why Professionals & Experts are Different from Normal people. Professionals follow a process which give an Overwhelming result.

IPM gives you effective and environmental solution to manage pest. It’s like using your common sense to prevent and sort out the problem.

We can find many methods to control moths and flies but IPM will make you to interact with Nature. The Process create less Environmental Problem and its Hazardous is lower than any other process.

IPM Process can be followed by both sectors, agricultural and non agricultural. Other than Agricultural you can use this process in Industry, Office, Yard, Garden, Playground, stadium and your sweet home. This mainly focuses on Organic chemicals.

Because the caution is lower than other mode. There are some disadvantages here too,  they cannot use Dangerous chemicals to control Vulnerable Species.

Lets See how IPM Works ?

IPM is one among the other Insect management. It has a three step process, where the process not only control organisms it also helps you to prevent them  in future.

  1. Evaluate.
  2. Take a Vice Decision.
  3. Find a Answer to control the Pest.

Setting Action Thresholds:

Setting action threshold is the first step before starting the process. Controlling single is not a big deal, we have to control the entire organisms around you and surrounding. You have to find out the level of affected area, whether it is local threat or economic threat.

Identifying the Pest and Monitoring the Behavior.

There are two types of Insects, one is really harm and other don’t harm the humans. 

This Program will help you to monitor the pest and identify them accurately. And it also gives you the appropriate solution to control it. This kind of monitoring and identification helps you to find the best chemicals. Because you don’t want to end up by using poisonous one.

Snake repellent preparation chennai

Prevention is always better than cure:

The Reason why pest control chennai uses IPM is Prevention. Controlling or giving solution is not a big deal but preventing them will save you lot of time, money and energy. IPM will give lot of space for you to manage crop, plants and in yards. So, the threat is reduced.

In Agriculture Crop, IPM gives you lot of time to manage them. Rotational crops time period is included too.

Now it’s Time to Control the Pest:

IPM gives you an options, whether to use chemicals or Not after monitoring and identification of pest. If IPM process indicates you to use pesticides, just use it If not we should come to conclusion that the pest around you is not that much danger to environment.

Types of Pesticides used by Pest Control Chennai !


Algaecides are used for killing and slowing down the growth of Algae. Algaecides are basically used in Ponds, Lake, and sometimes in Swimming Pools. Algaecides chemicals include Benzalkonium chloride, bethoxazin, copper sulfate, cybutryne, dichlone, dichlorophen, diuron, endothal, fentin, hydrated lime, isoprotuton, methabenzthiazuron, nabam, oxyfluorfen, pentachlorophenyl laurate, quinoclamine, quinonamid, simazine, terbutryn, tiodonium.


Antimicrobials is an natural substance, its a kind of synthetic origin which kills the growth of microorganisms and cause little damage. The antimicrobials is an agent which acts against all type of microorganisms like Bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Some of the Antimicrobial agents include Silver, copper and other metals. The purpose of this antimicrobials is to kill the microbes. From Manufacturing industry to Pest control industry, they use this agent.

These products are also considered as pesticides. Antimicrobial pesticides are really good in killing Pest, Germs, Microorganisms. They come with variety like toilet bowl sanitizers, Swimming pool chemicals and sometimes with bleach too. Antimicrobial pesticides are safer than any other pesticides because of the usage. They are used in Hospitals, Schools, bathrooms and sometimes in food areas (Kitchen)


These kind of pesticides are made of living organisms, which come from a living things. They can be found in every part of nature. Pest control chennai with biopesticides is very effective. We always try to use these kind of insecticide to safeguard the environment and surrounding human beings. This pesticides give a tough competition to chemical pesticides. Even a small amount can show a wonderful results. They will work very fast and will cause less pollution. They are great example of living being pesticides on the planet earth.

Termite Symptoms-chennai

Following are the few types of Biopesticides:

Microbes: These are very small organisms like Bacteria and fungi. To be honest with you people, these microorganisms are way better than chemical pesticides. The Nature always support mankind but we don’t tend to take that getaway from nature. Mostly profit oriented organization never push biopesticides because of huge profits. Microbes like fungus and bacteria can prevent or control plants like weed from insects.


Desiccants are widely used by pest control chennai, which will destroy the thick waxy coating of the bed bug like insects. Bed bugs lives with the protection of that waxy coating. The way how turtle outer layer protecting the that species. Once the waxy coat of the bed bugs is destroyed.

It gets dehydrated slowing and later it dies. It cannot resist the power of Desiccants chemical. The mode of action by this chemical is very hard to resist. Thus, bed bugs dies slowly by dehydrating.

Types of Desiccants:

  1. Diatomaceous Earth.
  2. Boric Acid
  3. Defoliant.

We used to see this act in TV and Movie, an helicopter or a aeroplane spray a chemical on the crops or on forest. This Defoliant chemical will help the plants to fall the leaves. It’s a kind of crop destruction, the hazardous to human is less than any other chemicals.


Fungicides is also one of the important pesticides, which are majorly used by pest control chennai to kill or prevent the growth of fungi. Fungi will damage the spores of the plant and rust them too. Fungicides will control or kill them in various ways.

Learn the reason why Fungicides are needed.

Plants and Trees are the most important factor in many ways. In Country Race, it decide the economic factor and in human race it decide the Environmental factor. What happens when every plants on planet earth are affected by fungicides. Human Race Become nill. As a human being and citizen of a country we have take respective decision to overcome this problem.

Problems created by fungi are Blemishing the plants, Spoiling the Fruits, Vegetables, tuber and seeds. Some fungi infection may product toxic chemicals, when a human being consume that, they get affected by diseases.


Most important Jobs by Pest Control Chennai is Insecticides, We all know every Plants and Surroundings affected by Insects. We Human always wanted to live a prosper life without any hazardous.

Insecticides are a chemical or a killing biological agent which control insects. In most of the scenarios people in chennai dont want to control the pest. Their desire is to vanish the insects by killing them. They are very destructive for insects.

They can be produced in two ways naturally or Chemically. Some of the Insecticides are as follows.



This is DYI kind of Pesticides, there need not to be any technical specification. Mothballs are commonly used in People of Chennai and Tamilnadu. They call it as Rasa Karpooram in tamil.

They smell very good. And regular smelling will cause serious health issues. Mothballs can quickly kills the cloth moths, they are widely used by households and cloth stores. We always wanted to be sure these kind of mothballs balls are highly concentrated chemical and it should be used in air tight box so that the smell will the affect human lungs. Thought its smells good it not good for health.

Repellents are widely used to control the pest or insects. The main features is, it is easy to use and risk of handling is very minimal. Pest control chennai and other pest control services organization uses it in different form. It can be stored in tin and can be sprayed at the insects like Mosquito, Ticks and so on and so forth…

Insect Repellents are applied on your skin to avoid the insect bites. Depending Upon their needs they are broadly classified into many types.

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